Hippo countdown ...

Post date: Mar 31, 2011 11:45:30 PM

There's one sticker to go on Julia's I've-got-ready-in-the-morning-without-going-mental chart. As agreed, if she fills the chart with stickers, she gets a pink (toy) hippopotamus - this being the latest most favourite animal (because of "Gloria" in the movie Madagascar). Previous favourite animals have been dogs, then cows, then cats and then dogs again (in that order).

This is the third time we've had to resort to a chart with stickers to avert a crisis ... and the girl we have now is unrecognisable to the crying, screaming, writhing-around-on-the-ground mess we had a week ago. Incidentally the first chart was for toilet training and the second (again toilet related) was when she refused to go "number 2's" for a week after our skiing holiday - the power of the sticker (& a reward at the end) brought things back to regularity.

Actually not such a great deal for us I guess - she gets a small toy for being "normal?" - but anyway, it's one to keep in the "parenting play book" ... hopefully we don't need to use it too often.