Highlights from the Sydney road trip

Post date: Apr 25, 2011 11:34:33 AM

It started on the road to Gundagai ... what's that strange mud pasted over the front of the car and the luggage cage on the roof? Bugs! Millions and millions of bugs ... something about the extraordinary wet summer meant they formed a coating at least a few centimetres thick (note to self - hose car before unpacking the things on the roof).

At the Motel in Gundagai, David has his first sleep in a proper bed ... and his first fall out of a proper bed. Despite the shock and the tears he just wanted someone to put him back in again - what a trooper. For the rest of the night he slept dead centre of the mattress.

It was nice catching up with the Sydney family all in one place at Lara's 1st birthday party. The fairy was the highlight of the party for Julia - who hardly left her side .. (she was quite popular with some of the older boys too).

Julia regains her appreciation for bananas ... that'd be right - now that they're $3-4 each. On the other hand, if you're at someone's place and Julia walks up holding some food and says "Mum/Dad ... try this" ... this is code for "I've just accepted this Oreo|Choc-mint-biscuit|Other from our host and it is not what I was expecting. Take it off me now to save us all the embarrassment".

Kathy and I manage to make use of staying at my Mum's place (free babysitting) and sneak out for a "date night" ... well, supper and a drink - still nice.

Also managed to catch-up with many of the Sydney friends and their kids all in one place at Lincoln's christening & 2nd birthday ... the kids are bit young to appreciate how cool it is to have so many playmates all under 2. No change in Julia's attitude to little kids though - when one of the bubs crawls up and touches her she flinches like she's just had an encounter with a cockroach.

Kathy perfects my Mum's recipe for pasties - mince and vegetable filled pastry triangles. Not that complex, but the (secret) sauces and herbs make the difference. She makes a batch of them for the drive back home and Julia eats six!

We stay at a Gundagai again on the way home to Melbourne - this time in a little cabin in a caravan park. The kids love the three-level bunk beds - David in the bottom bunk, Julia bags the top. We figure we'll have to go to bed at the same time as the kids given the bunks are next to the living room, but after giving him milk and putting him in his pyjamas David disappears while Kathy gets Julia ready and we find him in his bunk - he's grabbed his bear and put himself to bed! The little man's come a long way in two weeks ...