Funny things kids say: Julia Edition

Post date: May 21, 2010 9:03:36 AM

It's nearing her 3rd Birthday and now she's become a "big kid" we're not getting as many funny sayings as we used to. Here is as good a place as any for a recap of my favourites:

  • "Not on my birthday, not any more!"
    • It was usually in reference to going to the potty (seemed like such an ordeal at the time) ... usually said in a very serious, adamant tone. I love it because "not any more" would be enough, the birthday bit makes it cute ...
  • "I can't" instead of "I don't"
    • In some cases it probably makes more sense, in others it's just more definite - as in "I can't think so"; "I can't like beans"; "I can't sing it, I can't know the words ..."
  • "Glory, Glory Tottenham Monster"
    • Instead of "Hotspur" ... I'm just proud she can sign most of it
  • "Hunkin Dunties sat on the wall ..."
    • Instead of "Humpty Dumpty" ... more fun to say
  • "There's a bit more poo-poos in there"
    • When sitting on the toilet and she wants to stall for time ... there's very rarely actually any more in there
  • "That's right Daddy, good boy"
    • Daddy works better with positive reinforcement
  • "Argh! There's a cow in my bed!"
    • Said in a mad panic in the early hours of the morning ... it shouldn't have been such a surprise - it was her soft toy cow.
  • "I have a cow"
    • In response to the Priest's question "have you ever had a fig?" ... if you don't understand the question, make something up
  • "Pleeease, I can, I can"
    • Takes a tough parent to say no to that - it's a plea and an assertion in one